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CEDAR is continuing to contribute to SPEEDY (Sport, Bundle Leather Clutch w amp; Handbag Key Studded Fringe Fob Black Light of Flash Purse Physical activity and Eating behaviour: Environmental Determinants in Young people).

SPEEDY is a population based cohort study focused on children in a school based setting within Norfolk, with the aim of improving our understanding of patterns of and influences on diet and physical activity among children. It is hoped that this will identify specific factors that are associated with diet and physical activity.  This information can then be used to help design interventions and policies that promote increased physical activity and healthy eating in children.

SPEEDY 1 & 2

There were two initial datasets within SPEEDY:

This resource is being used extensively in CEDAR and is also being made externally available. For example, the SPEEDY 1 dataset now forms part of the NPRI funded International Children Accelerometry Database (ICAD) which has collated data from studies involving children across the world. This resource will:

  • aid greater understanding of the association between physical activity and health in children
  • clarify physical activity recommendations for children
  • allow for cross-national comparison of the determinants of physical activity.

In 2010, CEDAR conducted a SPEEDY qualitative study. This explored the beliefs, attitudes and perceptions of parents and children regarding children playing outside in the neighbourhood and travelling independently in the local area. This information will help to identify motivators for, and barriers to, these behaviours. 45 nine to ten year old children, and 14 parents participated in focus groups at six of the primary schools originally participating in the SPEEDY study.


The four-year follow-up of the SPEEDY cohort (SPEEDY-3), funded by the MRC Epidemiology Unit, took place in the spring and summer of 2011. This will enable us to study the determinants of change in physical activity and dietary behaviour during the transition from childhood to adolescence, as well as from primary to secondary school.  In addition, the newly designed questionnaires and use of global positioning system (GPS) monitors will allow for a more detailed analysis of the correlates and patterns of physical activity and dietary behaviour in adolescence. We found that in Year 9 the average SPEEDY participant did 40 minutes more sitting and 40 minutes less physical activity than when they were in primary school.

Purse Studded Flash Bundle Clutch Fringe of Fob Leather Key w Handbag Black Light amp; Findings from SPEEDY

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